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Special Branch Report on a revolutionary Marxist Comrade

He speaks English with one of his close friends who claims to be a poet but sets aside the imperial tongue in the presence of other comrades. He could be drawn to the bourgeoisie temptations of the imperial language- this can be his undoing.

During interrogations, we can provoke him with phrases in English because he fumbles for words. This may be his Achilles heel.

He has the collected-works of Marx, Lenin and Mao which he uses like a dumbbell to build biceps though his cousin owns a gym. 

The icing on the cake is that if he chances upon a drop of water at the bottom of a well, he is euphoric as if he discovered an ocean. He wishes to name this ocean after him.

He often proclaims “after Mao, it’s me”.







He once caused a ruckus at a bookstore when he stumbled upon Hitler's Mein Kampf in English without the name of the translator.  He said it is not fair to put words into the mouth of an alleged fascist.

He secretly claims to be working towards a lexicon(s) that effectively translates Marxian pr-axis into verbs.

Chandramohan S is an Indian English Dalit poet and literary critic based in Trivandrum, Kerala. He is part of the P.K. Rosi Foundation, a cultural collective that seeks to de-marginalize Dalit-Bahujans. His poems have been shortlisted for the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize and he was a resident at the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa.

His poems have been part of multiple protests and also find their place in anthologies. In 2016, he was profiled by OUTLOOK magazine as one of the high achievers from the Dalit community.

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