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Like Dadima Like Smriti

With this project, Smriti embarks upon remembrance, which is also the meaning of her name. She ventures into this territory in an attempt to not leave unnoticed the deep imprints of those closest to her. She acknowledges that her memories are fraught with biases, gaps, fictions and fact but what she attempts to stay true to is the emotion paired with the fragments of memory and a newer understanding of her relationships. She is both a purveyor of information and storyteller and is challenged by taking the mundane & every day and unravelling & reassembling these details into visible intricacies.

While sorting through her grandmother's things after her death, Smriti came across a trunk full of her grandfather's clothes that her grandmother had put away after his very sudden and early demise. This project is about loss, letting go and preserving memory.


Smriti Mehra is a video artist from Bangalore, India. She holds an MFA in Media Art from NSCAD University at Halifax in Canada. She was formerly an artist-in-residence at the Centre for Experimental Media Art and she taught at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology where she studied as an undergraduate.

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