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Nelson's Vandre


How do you capture disconnection? A chance encounter with Nelson Rodrigues, an East Indian from Bandra, Mumbai, India, cycling past me wearing his neatly pressed trousers torpedoed me into a world where I watched his quiet resignation with his land being overtaken by extremely successful migrants.

His story sits sharply beside the story of Arathi, a migrant who struggles daily with her existential battles. Both of them are survivors living in cocoons, which are essential to their existence. 

In this film, space is a praxis. Outside and inside worlds are jumbled into a tight knot of survival, captured, edited and reedited over four years.

Screenshot 2019-10-17 at 23.41.21.png

John Antony Thadicaran is a multi disciplinary art practitioner looking at transnational spaces, movements and rhythms through trauma, religion, and comedy. He comes from a background of Film, engineering and construction.

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